update to 6.03 Application has stoped working

When I try to update from 6.02 to 6.03 I get this (window) message at the end of the “unpacking” of the update program:

“Application has stoped working” Im then asked to end the (update)program.

I have this problem on 3 computers but on the 4th everyting went fine. They all have more or less identical OS setup.

W7 64bit SP1

OK, first off, stay with 6.02! But you can do what you want. I think your need to update your eLicenser on the computers that won’t take the update. Good luck.

God idea, thanks! I will try that (tomorrow its late now…:slight_smile:

Why dont you think 6.03 is any god? Im running it on one computer and up to now I havent noticed any significant (to me) difference.

Yep I am running 6.03 w/o any issue except it doesn’t always close on PC. I had problems w/6.02 with audio export crashing my computer but none with 6.03