Update to 8.5 from 8 and not able to launch

On my Laptop (dedicated to DAW (no internet connection I7, 16Go of RAM 2 SSD un 1 HDD

I have a error message telling to change the desktop to Aero theme fine
So I have changed and moved to Aero > same thing
I have updated my Graphic Driver > Same thing
Checked all the Graphical Services and start them > Same
I have been to the knowledge base and followed the process for this problem but it is still there

I have tried o contact Steinberg support but the message told me that they were on training or meeting and they cannt answer

I have made a mail but it says it can takes days to have an answer

Are you sure Steinberg support exist ?


I have the same issue using OSX. Cubase 8 fine, 8.5 hangs when trying to load VST instruments. As you state luckily, I have both installed, so can use 8, albeit with less features. Also have 8.5 installed on Windows 10 without any issues.

I’m having the same issue. Cubase won’t start Aero theme or not. Strangely it just happened today. I have not upgraded or changed my system.