Update to C7 or C7 artist


I’ve decided it’s time to upgrade, but can’t decide whether to get C7, or save some $ buying C7 artist.

C7 has more VST’s and instruments (which I’m interested in) but I can’t ind anywhere where it list what VST’s or what Instruments either version has.

You can easily spend the difference in price purchasing after market VST’s, but that is assuming the included VST’s are equitable. The blurb lists the C7 VST’s as ‘Studio grade’, but just calls them ‘VST’s’ for Artist. Obviously many will be the same, but as I mentioned - I can’t find them listed anywhere!

The unlimited tracks doesn’t concern me. I know there will be features on C7 that I wont utilize, but not buying extra bits in the future possibly will compensate the difference in price.

Any thoughts? Anyone else contemplating the move?


Navigate down the page to this bit!!!

Detailed feature comparison
Get the full picture and check out our detailed feature comparison chart (Cubase 7 and Cubase Artist 7).

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