Update to Cubase 11 Pro

A couple of years back I bought Cubase Pro in dowload form with an eliscencer. The package says free update to current version. Only 9.5 seemed available for download when I activated software but my elicenser says Cubase Pro 11. How do update from 9.5 to 11, if I even can? Because I purchased a few years ago maybe 11 isn’t available to me. Sorry if Im asking stupid questions I haven’t done audio since logic was still available for PC! Lol!


If you have activated the license (for the first time) now (in these days), you got Cubase 11 Pro license for free, thanks to Steinberg Grace Period. So if you can see Cubase 11 Pro license at your USB-eLicenser in the eLCC application, you got this version. And actually, you will get Cubase 12 for free, once this will be released.

Steinberg always offers the current/latest Cubase version at the moment of the 1st license activation.

So you were making music back when Cubase was Cubase SX in the Panickal days and then , “Many Years Later”, you bought 9.5 and never activated it. Then “Many Years Later”, you go to activate it, and surprise, you get Cubase 12.

Don’t let Apollo, Belin, and Bragi down! …They are listening, obviously.