update to Cubase pro 8.5

Installed,activated and Registered update to Cubase pro8.5 [from 8.0.10]
Programme wont launch - error message “Cubase has stopped working.”
Have uninstalled/reinstalled - same message. Cubase 8.0.10 working OK.
Any help anyone [support not open til 4 Jan.

Try this…
Launch CB again after you receive the error and shut it down from the task manager.

I don’t know why but this sometimes this works.

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“Cubase has stopped working.”

I’ve had this message as well, not wile booting Cubase but when opening a project, or, as has been the case of late. when opening a template. This would suggest a plug-in is to blame but I haven’t added any new plug-ins to my templates in ages so that can’t be it. I can open a project but not a template. Crazy. The actual cause is a mystery to me.

This is the pop up message I get:

"A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is

Thanks PRO Rock - cant believe it - it worked. 2,015 thanks.

Nice… It is weird that just a restart after a task manager shut down will sometimes fix this issue. Just hope it keeps working for you. Enjoy :wink:

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Generally it is wise procedure to perform a restart after installing any application prior to running it.

I was getting those messages when opening one particular project. Found the problem to be one of the 3rd party plugins needed updating. Now everything is beautiful.