Update to Elements 9.5

As a total rookie with Cubase, I am probably missing the obvious. However …
Having downloaded the Download assistant and opened it, I am confronted by a screen of products one of which is Cubase 9.5 LE AI etc update.
Having clicked on it and followed the prompts, a box stated that there were “no changes” and that it would not be installed. A Halion update was allowed however.
Can someone tell me how there can be no changes when I only have an older version of A1 and advise me how to resolve this. The only change is to my bank account!
Many thanks.

Hi and welcome,

I’m not 100% sure I understand your problem.

But Cubase AI and Cubase Elements are the same executable applications. The license decides about the features. So if you have already Cubase AI 9.5.30 installed, you don’t need to install Cubase Elements 9.5.30. Just make the update of the license and start your Cubase AI/LE/Elements. Cubase Elements will start.

my problem is identical - im owner Cubase Elements 9 (ver 9.040) registered with correct licence and praesent on usb licencer and MySteinberg. I’ve bought update to Cubase Elements 9.5 (Order Number: 214678936 Order Date: 18/09/2018) and got mail confirmation (Cubase Elements 9.5 Upgrade from Cubase LE, AI, Essential or SequelOrder Confirmation #214678936) with code to install. When I try to install update, there’s message - no such program to update. So I try activate fully installed Element 9.5 - by entering code, Ive recived - and got info: currently there no licence to be upgradable - just under information on my legal licence Cubase Elements 9.
The only change is to my bank account!


I would say you ordered a wrong update. As you wrote: “Cubase LE, AI, Essential or SequelOrder Confirmation #214678936”. There is no Cubase Elements written. Get in touch with AskNet to refund and order the right update, please.

Quite obvious.

I have been in contact direct with Steinberg tech support. This may help Jacobb. The purchased Elements 9.5 upgrade will not work unless 9.5 Elements is installed first.
Tech support sent me all the necessary files to complete the installation. This resolved my original problem. My only problem now is to get it to actually work now it has been installed. I am still getting Al8 when I click on the icon. Still in contact with them on this. I’ll report back.
Martin, my old product was AI8 and not AI/Elements 9.
Thanks for all the replies and comments. Still grateful for any further suggestions.


Cubase (any) 8 and Cubase (any) 9 are separated applications. So you have to click to the Cubase AI LE Elements 9 to start Cubase 9. This is the one with white icon background.

Thanks for all the replies and advice. The matter has been resolved.
On downloading the update, there was no further response from the computer. I then discovered that Elements 9.5 full had to already be installed prior to allowing the update to work. I followed all instructions but after everything had been done, there was no further message or anything … just my file manager staring at me, so I had to hunt for a exe file and I tried everything with a relevant name without success. I am sure, Martin, that I would have had he sense to click on the 9.5 icon if one existed!
After trawling through C drive I found the ,exe file in one of the programs folders. This worked. I put the icon on the desktop myself.
So all seems to be well.
My only question is rhetorical. Why does a highly regarded company like Steinberg not have all this wrapped up in a concise user-friendly download/installation/run package without the need to go scratching round searching the internals for something to make it all come together?
Anyway, bye for now.