Update Windows 10, good or bad?

Just saw this. Is there a point in this or should it be avoided for some reason(s)?
Any known problems with compatibility with Cubase or other Steinberg products?`
Ask before update, right? :sunglasses:

And sorry if this is a silly question.
I was googling something else and realize my System says Version 1909 (November 2019 Update) and the current version is Version 20H2 (October 2020 Update) so this is about the first thing I see.
I’m not really that much into operating system stuff more than I have to and enough to be dangerous! :blush: :mrgreen:

I updated from 1909 to the latest20H2 with C11 and everything workst just fine, more stable than before in my opinion

… and nobody in the complainingabouteverything tribe has jumped at the chance at crying even about Microsoft since I posted this. :nerd: :laughing:
Maybe it means it will work just fine? Now, do I really benefit from it is what I have to ask myself. I’ll check it out and decide later.
Anyways … thanks for chiming in! :sunglasses:

SInce the W10 update + C11 my CPU usage is less heavy than before. Which of the two is to “blame” I do not know, but it’s fine by me.

easy to use…i use windows 10, function work properly.

I think you can create a system restore point where you’re at and then do the upgrade. If it’s not working as you like then you can roll back… I think…

:sunglasses: kewl! thanks everybody!