Update windows 10 = problems with cubase?

Yesterday I run a windows 10 update and today just discovered my E-licenser for Cubase 8.5 Pro is not working (even after running the Elicenser maintenance still giving me error) and Cubase can’t run my Mackie Onyx driver… what a mess and I have a session to do :frowning:
Anyone with similar troubles?
Thanks :unamused:

would anyone know what is the best driver to use with Cubase 8.5 pro , Mackie Onyx 1620i on Windows 10 64bit latest update? Thanks

this is german speaking forum :astonished:

yes it is possible you must reinstall the elicenser (please download actual version from here http://www.steinberg.net/de/company/technologies/elicenser.html

Your Soft elicenser Database is corrupted now.

Windows Annyversary Update has possible changed your System Hardware ID . Software like elicenser, XLN Audio Installer, and other Products thinking you has new Windows 10 on a new maschine. i must new register more other software like O&O Diskimage to. :unamused:

Cubase 8.5 runs on my maschine, after new install eLicenser, but i self has registered Cubase on USB -not corrupted Soft eLicenser part.