[UPDATED] Cubasis LE 3 Information

Dear all,

Cubasis LE 3 is planned to be released at the end of March 2020.

We plan to add a similar IAP Transfer option to Cubasis LE 3, to allow transferring Cubasis LE 2 in-app purchases to Cubasis LE 3.
This option is not planned for the Cubasis LE 2 Full Feature Set in-app purchase.

We also plan to add a new Cubasis LE 3 Full Feature Set IAP, that allows to update Cubasis LE 3 with all features of Cubasis 3.
Here, the app name and app icon remains to be Cubasis LE 3, as it is the case with Cubasis LE 2.


Hi Lars,
thanks for this info!

I had hoped I could get rid of LE by upgrading to Cubasis 3 directly, but that doesnt work as I see…

1 Question and 1 hint for you:

  1. Just to verify: If I buy LE3 on March + the In-App Purchase „fully featured Cubaisis“ I will end up with the same 54,99 as if I bought Cubasis 3 AND I can transfer my Cubasis LE2 In-App purchases?

  2. You should write into the App Description of Cubasis 3 that there is NO WAY to transfer IAPs from Cubasis LE2, but instead Cubasis LE2 Users should wait until Cubasisi LE3 comes out… Otherwise many LE2 Users might be very angry, if they buy Cubasis3 and cant transfer their IAPs from Cubasis LE2.

Hope this helps!

PS: Looking forward to LE3 WITH fully working Mini Sampler and good working Import to Cubase.

Hi whitelight,

Thank you for your message.

Apple does not offer any upgrade options between different apps.

Therefore we’ve added the Full Feature Set in-app purchase options with Cubasis LE back then, which enables Cubasis LE users to update their Cubasis LE app with all features of the regular Cubasis version.

The Cubasis LE 3 information has been released in all Cubasis forums, on our Cubasis LE website and the Cubasis LE App Store description (promo text).

Bets wishes,

Well, I think you should put this important informatione at on place, where you forgot it:
At the Cubasis 3 App Description. As you can see, some people bought Cubasis 3 accidentally althought they should wait untul Cubasis LE3 is released.
I personally did not make this mistake, but only because I hesitated to buy Cubasis3 and first looked at the forums…

As having bought Cubasis LE2 some years ago I didnt have the idea to checkt the Cubasis LE Apps Store description, coz I have the app already…
You know, when Steinberg releases something NEW I look at the description of the NEW thing I might want to have, not into the description of the OLD thing I already have…
(weird logic, but thats how the common user thinks, believe me!) :laughing:

what will happen to your interface’s with Cubasis LE2 will there be something like a grace periode update to cubasis LE 3 when i buy one in the next weeks ? or should i wait ?

Hi maximilianm,

Thank you for your message.

Please note that the App Store does not have comparable options to a “grace period” or other updates.

While we plan to give you the same free of charge in-app purchase transfer option from Cubasis LE 2 to LE 3 for regular plug-in purchases, we are unable to give you any update options on the Cubasis LE 2 Full Feature Set IAP! Cubasis LE 3 will come with its own Cubasis LE 3 Full Feature Set in-app purchase, which will have to be purchased seperately.


Great to have Cubasis LE 3 soon :slight_smile:
Finally yesterday I bought “Full Feature Set” in-app purchase of Cubasis LE 2. I must say I’m waited a long time before I decided.
I’m glad I will have update my Cubasis LE2 to LE3 with full feature set.
Thanks Steingerg.
BTW I used Cubase on PC 20 years ago and now I will use it again but on iPad :slight_smile:

Hi bether,

Thank you for your message.

As mentioned in our announcement above, it will not be possible to update the previous Cubasis LE 2 full feature set to the upcoming Cubasis LE 3 full feature set!

If you just bought the Full Feature Set IAP, I recommend to get in touch with Apple and ask them for a refund, and to wait for Cubasis LE 3!


Hi Lars!
It´s end of March now, and we are all waiting for the Cubasis LE3 Release.
And: Steinberg announced that Cubasis 3 will be 30% off and In-App Purchases 50% off until 8. April 2020.

So my 2 questions:

  1. Will Cubasis LE3 be available on the Appstore before 8th of april?
  2. Will there be the same discount on LE3 when released?

Kind thanks for fast reply - and: stay safe and healthy to your team!!!

I think I am in a bit of the same boat… I bought hardware that included the Cubasis LE, which is really not featured enough for what I want to do. I almost bought the full-feature upgrade and realized Cubasis 3 was out and Cubasis LE 3 was imminent.

Looking at some history…
“Cubasis is available from the Apple App Store and is priced at €49.99. Existing Cubasis customers receive the update to version two free of charge. The Cubasis LE 2 Full Feature Set IAP is available within Cubasis LE 2 for €29.99.”

Which is around $33 USD…

So the question I would have is if the Full Feature upgrade for Cubasis LE 3 is going to be similarly priced. If so, I am fine with just buying Cubasis 3 right now (because of the deep discount… its $33), especially since the hassle of upgrading to a future Cubasis 4 sometime seems dramatically reduced than an LE->Full feature upgrade->next version upgrade. So while the allure of a discount because of the bundle is intriguing, if overall cost is in the ball-park I would like to just move forward.

I get that a sales/marketing team establishes this and probably doesn’t share exact detail but if we are talking +/- $5 I am fine… I’ll take the hit so I can start using my equipment (especially after waiting a month…).

Thanks for whatever transparency you are afforded to offer.

Hi whitelight,

Cubasis LE 3 has already been submitted to Apple a few days ago.

We‘ve planned to release the app on March 30, 2020 but are currently waiting on Apple‘s approval (who rejected the app).

Cubasis LE 3 will allow to freely transfer available Cubasis LE 2 instrument and effect in-app purchases, and comes with a new Cubasis LE 3 Feature Set IAP.

All IAPs will be on sale until April 8, 2020.

We very much hope, to see Apple‘s approval very soon, in order to release the app!


Hey Lars - a bit of the same question (I posted earlier but never saw it show up in the forum…)

In brevity, There is an older post that showed when Cubasis LE 2 released, the cost for the “full Upgrade” was around $32 US. Is that pricing going to be relatively consistent for Cubasis LE 3? I am just trying to decide if I wait for Apple’s approval and use my bundle code or just make things easier and buy Cubasis 3 outright (since its basically $33 right now on sale).


Hi caliraftdude,

Cubasis LE 3 was planned to be released on March 30, 2020.

At present, we are waiting for Apple‘s reply, who has rejected the app during their current review.

Cubasis LE 3 comes with a free In-App Purchase transfer option for existing instrument and effect in-app purchases. The app will also include a new Cubasis LE 3 Full Feature Set in-app purchase.

All in app-purchase will be on sale until March 30, 2020 (details to be announced with the release).

At this moment we hope Apple will approve the app asap, in order to keep up with our release plans.


Hi Lars
Will LE 3 have its feature unlock enabled by all of the current interface list.
I have a Line 6 Sonic Port VX, will this unlock LE 3

Hi AtariBoy,

All previously supported hardware devices can be used to unlock Cubasis LE 3 from demo.


Thank you, Lars for your answers,

One final question, so I can decide if I stay on Cubasis LE or use this opportunity to switch from LE to Cubasis:

  • When you release the next updates (for example Cubasis/LE 3.1 3.2 and so on), will they be released simultaneously in the future, or will it be as it was this time - I mean will in the future again be a substantial time-gap between upgrades of Cubasis and Cubasis LE, or was this only once because of the big jump with this rewrite? (I fear this, because it seems to be a big programming effort for your developers to keep both Versions on the same level, isnt it?)
    I hope you can answer, so I can decide, what is really best for me in the future and I wont regret the decision, because I really love working with it and dont want to be left behind too long… Thanks! :sunglasses:

Thanks Lars

Hope you’re all keeping well there

All the best to you and yours at Steinberg and everyone on the forum

Got it, thanks. What will be the price for the Full Feature Set in-app purchase for Cubasis LE 3?

Hope all is well,


Hi Cali, Hi all,

Please wait for our announcement tomorrow, which will include all details!


yippieh cant wait for that announcement!!!