Updated Download Assistant - Dorico SE 5 no longer starts correctly

As suggested in the announcement, I downloaded and ran the SDA. It auto-updated (1.35.0). I am running Win10-64.

I ran the updated SDA version and there was an “Updates” section at the top. I opened it and I saw a few items. I clicked each button and updated each suggested item.

I then clicked “My Product Downloads” and “Dorico SE 5”. Most items seemed to be missing (although Dorico had been working fine). I clicked each button to download and install. All 5 items show green checks.

When I try to start Dorico SE 5 I get an error popup over the splash screen:
dorico-start-err-Screenshot 2023-11-17 172519

There are many .vstsound files in ProgramData, but not all the ones in the Downloads folder. I tried manually copying ALL the ones from Downloads to ProgramData, but still get the same error.

I guess I will need to uninstall everything and start from scratch.

Seems to be fixed by:

  1. Uninstall all Steinberg software via Windows Settings.
  2. Download latest SDA 1.35.0 direct from web site - install it.
  3. Run SDA. (Re-)install all 5 Dorico items.
    dorico-installed-Screenshot 2023-11-17 184819

(HALion Sonic 7.0.20 was a newer version than what I used to have.)

An “Updates” section appears again with “VST Sounds” (4 items), but I won’t touch them to avoid more issues.
dorico-updates-Screenshot 2023-11-17 185038