Updated LE to Elements 9.5 now?

I am currently using a demo version of Elements9.5, Do i have to uninstall the demo and install again, or is there some way to insert the activation code and roll on?
Paid the 49.99 and have an activation code and all that, just seems silly to do a full uninstall and reinstall at this point.
Any help appreciated.

Tried E Licenser, no luck there,but my older LE version isn’t showing on there either. The update from demo is not working with activation code.
Not sure how to add my Old LE version, I have a disc with an “Authorization Number”.

Guess you have to contact support when the update doesn’t work for a reason.

When it works you don’t have to reinstall, the demo licencse on your soft-ELicenser is transformed to a normal license only.

Got it worked out over online chat, very helpful, quick and easy. Thanks for the reply MarQs