Updated my Nashville licence to steinberg licencing now wont work in GA4

i updated my Nashville expansion kit licence from the elicencer to steinberg licencing , and now it does not show up in groove agent 4 full version , it only shows up in ga5 se version . I need it to work in GA4 full version . Has any body else had this issue ? . My groove agent 4 is fully updated , all my licencing is fully updated
cheers for your time !!
i have uninstalled and re installed and still the same situation

Unfortunately, I think you are now stuck with the situation.

Groove Agent 4 does not support or understand Steinberg Licensing. Content packs migrated to Steinberg Licensing are disabled on eLicenser, so they will only work with applications that have Steinberg Licensing support.

You could reach out to Steinberg Support to see if they are willing to reverse your Nashville migration to Steinberg Licensing. However, I think your only fix will be to upgrade your Groove Agent 4 to Groove Agent 5, which has Steinberg Licensing support.

thanks for reply , i have submitted a ticket to support , hopefully they got a solution .

steinberg support issued me a new LLC licence for nashville , all works again
cheers !!

That is great news - I am glad you have a solution. Thank you for the update.