Updated to 2004 and cubase no longer hangs on exit-Edit not solved

Just a heads up. I’ve been having constant hangs on exit mainly due to AA Aqua plugins and decided to take the plunge and update.

I updated to 2004 and the latest KB 4577063 patch and I can confirm this has fixed all my issues.



I just updated here and can confirm I can now close projects with Acustica plugs.
Seems it’s from the Microsoft side of things has been fixed.

I would love to say i agree with you but i have installed the patch on 2004 but still testing and having lockups on exit with AA in the inserts

Update: Still the same issue. I hadn’t left the songs open long enough when I tested this.

It’s really infuriating!!! I’ve tried every trick in the book now , disabling the hub, closing from the file menu etc etc but still the same problem.


I find if you leave the AA plugin’s in the inserts and don’t use them once you have been through the hanging once then the projects close but this is only on projects that im working on , i haven’t tried a new project yet . It’s a shame as im really biting my knuckles about buying AA plugin’s

Update here got my hopes up to high. I’m back with no proper closing of projects w Acustica Plugs. Arrrgghh wish this issue could be fixed

yes, sorry :blush: I’ve mentioned it to Pete Brown from MIcrosoft over at gearslutz and he’s looking into the windows side of things, perhaps it’s a steinberg issue though as other DAW’s don’t have the same problem.

I hope it gets sorted as it’s a PIA.