Updated to Cubase 11 Pro from 10.5: Disaster ensues

After updating via the Steinberg Download Assistant, Cubase crashed. I lost ALL of my preferences so I have to reset absolutely everything to way I want to use Cubase, which takes absolutely forever. The worst part is that I continue to lose virtual instruments, so I’ll load a previously mixed track but there’s no snare sound coming from Toontrack Superior 3.xxx or I lose a piano from Kontakt 6.6 and so on.

Yet, the ridiculous parentheses after bouncing a track, even though the track name has been changed, STILL exist. This is beyond maddening.

I think it’s kind of funny that the preferences cause so many issues that C11 actually prompts you to disable or delete them after a crash. Maybe I’m missing something but some insight into the particular issue in the preferences would be really helpful… more helpful than ‘Delete’.

Cubase continues to lose my Snare channel assignments from Superior 3.2.4. I have to remove the specific channel, then add it, then redo all of the effects and EQ.

This is utterly ridiculous.

Now, I’m losing the snare in Cubase 10.5 projects! Do I need to completely reinstall Cubase?