Updated: Working Excel Expression Map Builder


I made an Excel Expression Map builder - Updated version for 2016

Primary Features
Easier Expression Map creation. Booya!
A master save to save all maps at once
An option to save one map at a time
100% Expression Map functionality*

At this point I’ll probably stop tweaking this file from here on out. Hope it helps someone else. Tip: save your files. If you ever need to revise your template down the road it’s a life saver to have maps ready to re-export quickly with different settings.

Cheers! :ugeek:

*Technically it’s more like 99.9%. Symbols require a work-around (get the symbol ID by opening a Map in Notepad) and articulations may need reordering if you use multiple groups. But the full features of Cubase maps works like a charm.

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One more thing… another reason I’m doing this is that I’m going back and editing maps I made years ago in C5 and now need to adjust because I’m separating certain articulations into different midi channels, but want to use them on the same midi track in Cubase (I have my reasons). Anyway, going back and editing everything by clicking the ‘up arrow’ a million times… not my cup of tea. Data Entry destroys my brain.

But I also figure that I plan on keeping on my expression maps in an excel format, that way down the road I can always revisit the same file and tweak it in excel very quickly to make newer versions of my maps. I don’t anticipate constant map changing. But here I am changing something I didn’t anticipate a few years ago. The moral of this story: you can save expression maps in a file that’s easy to revisit and make mass-edit changes easily. :slight_smile: I may be the only person on the planet who ends up using this file, or at least for these reasons. But at least I’ve shared it. I’ll feel better at night knowing some poor chap as nerdy as I am and who hates data entry as much as I do may find some comfort in this file. lol

Okay, nerd moment over. Now for precious sleep!



Thanks for posting this! I’ll check it out.



Thanks for posting, its better already than the cut&paste I do,


Gesslr & Gkruse,

Sorry for the hassle. I made a newer version (see the edit and link above) which is more useful and reliable.


The latest version is linked above, with macros and all! :slight_smile:

most interesting, but I cannot try it since it is too large to use via the link (max 5 Mb)


I added it to dropbox instead now. Kind of strange the MS wouldn’t support their own file past 5MB, but oh well.


Hi again!

I’ve updated the file one final time and thus this post one final time. It supports additional output mappings now and the instructions are simpler. It also supports Cubase map functionality 100% now (more like 99.9, but still pretty good). I’m posting this update because the additional output mapping bit was a fairly serious limitation. Now it supports all 3 output fields.