Updated Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver for Windows

Can we get a fix for this driver? As widely known, this “updated” version introduces the annoying issue of continually prompting for ASIO at Cubase startup. If my whole setup is basically Steinberg, I expect better response than 4 months to fix a regression issue that’s 100% reproducible. A fix really should’ve been made available the first week.

Hello! I am Ukrainian, so sorry for my English. I tried to install the driver 1.9.10 on win7 64bit, but the system responded with a refusal because of the lack of a digital signature. Has returned to 1.9.6. Thank you.

Hello! I have for 2 years waiting for Steinberg tell me what my problem UR824 or correct errors of the driver as it should!!! I do not know what has caused, but even the latest driver - 1.9.10 - 2, available for installation does not solve my problem - the appearance of a sharp loud noise in the speakers! This happens a few times a week and sometimes every day! It’s terrible, can’t work! Many on this forum were such problems, but it seems to be decided! All the settings are correct in the BIOS and in the system! Guys, at least tell me you can help, since Steinberg is still silent! Any help would be appreciated from you! I apologize for English is not my native language!

P. S. Steinberg, you also have to give at least some information what to do or comments, anything, this problem is dangerous to the ear, this noise is just deafening, if it goes further, it will apply to the court, as it caused harm to my health!

Hi, I have submitted two post but they have not been approved yet, anyway can anyone help me with a problem I am having with a mac and the Steinberg USB drivers, all seem to be working fine but the control panel will not open, just shows a scene about. I am running High Sierra and would like to know if this is a know issue or not?


I dont think that Steinberg has certifed High Sierra yet… so there may be some incompatbilities.

Did you see this? https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/115001525990-Yamaha-Steinberg-USB-driver-installation-on-macOS-High-Sierra-10-13-

I wish I wouldn’t Update Cubase Pro from 8.5.20 to 8.5.30, and I wish I wouldn’t update the usb asio driver as well.
It is very annoying the question asked at Cubase start up “do you want to select Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO as ASIO driver?”
I use UR824 and Cubase Pro 8.5 and the ASIO it has been selected, so what is the deal that Cubase doesn’t remember it? Please fix this or let me know how can I go back to the previous version.


P.S. I also Update WaveLab from 9.0 to 9.1 and I don’t see any difference at all! It is still very buggy, it stop working all of a sudden and the audio gets interruptions for no reasons randomly.

Thanks Again for your attention Steinberg Team

After reading the post from Spiritos

Steinberg does seem to make it awfully difficult to find older versions. It’s only through a Google search I found a link to Tools (which includes the 1.9.9 driver). I think you can choose to only install the driver during setup but if not the case the second link is just for the driver.

https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/do > … s_ci2.html

I decided to give it a try to download the 1.9.9 driver and I installed. So like magic the annoying message to select the Yamaha Steinberg driver at Cubase start up now it’s gone! Thank you very much Spiritos for your info! I suggest to anyone that have the same problem to give it a try!


on Steinberg downloads page no link to the latest windows driver 1.9.9 i have to download from other sources to make my UR22 mkII work. (1.10.0 and 1.7.3 not working, signature error)
Please fix the download link! And please make signed windows certified drivers!


I have not seen a signature error installing these drivers.

As far as I know they are signed.

Also the latest is 1.10

Same here. Should work fine. In fact 1.10 fixed all my issues and my system is running sweet after a long time in the wilderness waiting for the driver fix.

Just adding my observations - it worked for my MOBO (MSI B150A) where I had sever noise problems on network activity (e.g. loading browser tabs in chrome/firefox or emails in Thunderbird). The only thing that needs to bee fixed with this new version is the annoying question on Cubase startup “cubase do you want to select this usb asio driver”. It has a checkbox “don’t ask again” which is ignored by the beta driver; I am sure this could be fixed by making a final release version of this. Hopefully without reintroducing the vulnerability against network traffic!

@RealRaven2000 I don’t have that problem with the 1.10 official release (it is no longer in Beta).

I didn’t have it with the beta either.

I have this problem with the 1.10 official release. When I open Cubas 9.5 I get the question if I want to use the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver, even if I checked "Please don’t ask again) the last time I opened it. It’s annoying, but the driver seems to work fine other than that.

Can you tell me the exact version number? Mine is, signed by Yamaha Corporation. I suspect yamaha doesn’t care too much if Cubase is losing reputation because of this, but it would sure be nice if Cubase came up with a workaround? Surely there must be some (buggy) code that checks for the “don’t ask again” condition from a place (registry / ini file) so it should be easy to workaround. That’s why I prefer open source software so much, we could actually look up what happens in the code ourselves and fix it. I have raised a support request with Steinberg, hopefully they will address it eventually.

Yes I can. Version is here also.

I have this problem with the 1.10 release too, thanks for sharing