Updated Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver for Windows

Steinberg has released a new update of the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver for Windows.

The updated version 1.9.10 resolves two issues where noise may occur in a certain environment and that switching the sample rate settings would stop and exit certain DAWs.

Please find the updated version 1.9.10 here.

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Stefan Schreiber

Hi, new issues here with the new drivers:
Cubase 8.5 keeps asking about ASIO driver to keep selected every time while launching Cubase…

Watch this thread about it…

1.9.10 driver doesnt work on win7 64bit + ur12, because of driver error #52, even if i disable digital signature check. Device works well on linux.
Can i get previous version of driver?

Hi, i have an issue, after windows creator update, my ur44 are not recognized , i need to remove and put the cable and windows show it, but not always sometimes need to repeat this operation many time, i installed ultimate driver

UR28M and UR44 have gone bad for no reason. Input 2 is not working on both of my UR28M and UR44. TRS inputs are very low on the UR28M

Microsoft just updated my windows 10 to version 1703 and now my Steinberg UR22 has only generic ASIO driver. I try to reinstall the YSUSB ver.1910 but still it has only generic driver. What happened to the control panel of the driver? How can I adjust the latency???

i Every one, I have the same issue, my Steinberg UR44 doesn’t work anymore on Windows 10, any solution? Thanks

I have a Proto 1.11 driver from Yamaha-Steinberg on trial that has significantly improved things on my UR44 setup with Win 10. See the long UR problems thread to find my post on current testing. So far its basically performing that same way consistently. Not back to the performance I use to know but it works where most of the 1.9 and 1.10 series didn’t. Fingers crossed they have found the issue and are improving it (preferably before the Proto driver expires!).

and sorry, no I can’t share it with you.

My UR 44 is not working anymore on Win 10. When I try to install the new Driver it says that the old one is still installed and not deleted. I deinstalled the old one. Is still there but does not work anymore…Cubase does not work for me now. Perfect. opened a ticket. Anyone having an idea??

@OlliF: Maybe try uninstalling drivers then run installation with all USB-devices unplugged (including the UR44) like mentioned in the manual. Btw. I installed it just fine with all devices connected but each OS setup is different. Also make sure Win10 doesn’t auto-install a Microsoft driver, maybe by disableing auto updates temporarily.

I have the same problem as OlliF. I uninstalled the previous driver in every possible way, I unplugged, uninstalled the device, uninstalled TOOLS, deleted the driver with PNPutil using the command prompt. Absolutely no luck. I actually had trouble getting the device up and running again with the old driver (which has dropouts since Windows 10 Creators’ Update).

This needs to be a LOT smoother. Don’t p!ss off the customer.

My Ur242 isn’t recognized after installing 1.9.10 on win7 64bit. Please fix this update
2017-09-08 16_46_33-Computer Management.png
Can anyone send me a link for 1.9.9 please?? It’s not available in Steinberg site.
I found a 1.9.8 on Yamaha site: http://www.yamahaproaudio.com/global/en/downloads/firmware_software/yamaha_steinberg_usb_driver/yamaha_steinberg_usb_driver_198_win.jsp

Steinberg does seem to make it awfully difficult to find older versions. It’s only through a Google search I found a link to Tools (which includes the 1.9.9 driver). I think you can choose to only install the driver during setup but if not the case the second link is just for the driver.


Why no Steinberg response in this thread after 5-6 weeks? Why does the even have to be asked? Unbelievable.

Steinberg support is non-existent. Both here as well as via official contact form. Response time is 1,5-2 months!

I’ve contacted them twice for very basic questions about there own products, one time for a technical specification about the UR44. After 2 months and about 10 e-mail back and forth I still had no answer and gave up…

Let’s be honest. Steinberg makes some awesome products but on all audiofora people complain about the lack of support. Alongside with the dreaded dongle they’ll be losing a lot of customers, especially since the DAW market is exploding with new ventures. I don’t mean to troll but the only way Steinberg will learn if we keep complaining in as much places as possible.

Thank you for your reply, Spiritos.

The especially maddening thing is that Steinberg seems very responsive on some other products, look how responsive Ulf is here in the Dorico forum:


I’ve spent more than $1,000, maybe $2,000 or more, on Steinberg products, including the UR28M. I know others have spent much more. I think it’s disgusting that they don’t answer.

I hear you. I also don’t understand why in some fora or on some topics there does seem to be an active Steinberg employee although I think it’s on some voluntairy basis or so. Also on kvraudio.com there is this one guy who sometimes drops in and out. Usually he’s more active right after Steinberg opens a new topic about a new release or product.

In my opinion if you have an official forum you need to have a dedicated community manager or at least some moderators assigned but apparently it’s not a priority for them. The sad thing is, this attitude is reflected in the members on these fora. Nobody seems to give a shit, only when they have a question themselves. The amount of open threads here with one or even zero responses is astonishing.

I wish they would release this 1.11…I am having lots of distortion/sync loss and need to reset the interface several times a day. Not to mention Cubase can’t remember the ASIO choice with version 1.10.

Yep, I’m counting down the days until the Proto I have expires - Sept 30th.

That said, steinberg support just pinged me to let me know they have an updated Proto driver coming my way (and a few other users as well) for testing. Yamaha think they have the problem tracked down. Fingers crossed.

I hope they are on the verge to releasing the driver, oh my. By the way, how did you get to be included in the test drive with the improved Proto drivers?