Updates for Dorico Elements 3.5

Any updates released for Dorico Elements 3.5? my playback at times hangs, wondering if this issue has been corrected in a subsequent update.

The team often releases bug fixes on the heels of an update. I know they’ve said on the forum that one is pending, though they generally don’t announce the release date in advance.

Dorico 3.5 was out almost nine weeks ago. I remember Daniel writing that nine weeks was the average time between updates, at least in the first years of Dorico, but that they planned on lengthening that average period as the program grew up. Anyway, not sure the issue the OP is talking about has been dealt with in next update!

Playback problems tend to be about your complete system (computer, sound card/audio interface, etc) not just “Dorico”.

The Steinberg “audio problems guru” (Ulf) is on vacation at present, but when he is back at work you will probably get some individual help.

Of course installing an update, whenever it arrives, is probably a good idea for other reasons!

Got some playback issues with D 3.5 Pro. The previous version never locked up, but since upgrading, the programme will lock up occasionally on playback; usually requires a re-start and sometimes a re-boot. Something changed obviously between versions. Any ideas?

Ravindran and Nick, please provide diagnostic reports (Help > Create Diagnostic Report) created immediately after you experience the problems with playback that you’re running into, so we can take a look and see if we can advise what might be going wrong.

Thanks to all of you for promptly responding to my post.
Daniel the next time I face the playback issue I shall send the diagnostic report, however every time the playback hangs I am having to force quit Dorico and then restart it, will the diagnostic report be generated in such situations too?

If you create a Diagnostic Report manually (from the menu), AFAIK, it will probably contain the last crash report, even after a restart.

Hello Daniel

Attached Diagnostic Report.

The lockup (I’m using P to start playback) is usually also accompanied by a lock up of the ability to highlight a note and use the arrow keys to hop between notes (though it didn’t do it this time). Will report again if this happens.

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (643 KB)

Thanks Peter, I shall try that.

Nick, your diagnostics don’t seem to show anything too untoward; none of the essions in the zip file ended abnormally or appeared to show anything too peculiar happening. If you encounter any hangs in future, please let us know.