Updates for life?

I’m interested in purchasing Dorico 5 Pro. Does that mean I’ won’t have to pay for future Dorico versions such as a Dorico 6? Or will I have to pay $500+ all over again to get the newest version?

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You will have to pay an upgrade (not full) price. PS there is a special on Dorico at the moment.

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Periodic point updates, which are always substantial are free. For example, 5.0 to 5.1 is free. Major releases require purchasing an update. This is generally about $149 (Aussie dollars). Very few commercial applications of any sort are free for updates for major versions, with the notable exception in the music industry of FL Studio. I know of no other company that does this. The upgrade price for major releases is very reasonable considering the large progress generally delivered.

There is a competitive crossgrade price available if you have an eligible product and proof of purchase.

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As you can see from this Steinberg webpage, updates from earlier versions are much cheaper than the full price. They are usually around $99, and are currently at $74.99, as there’s a 25% sale.

There are regular sales, so you can always wait until the next one. There’s also a grace period of around a month, if you buy Dorico 5 just before Dorico 6 comes out.

FYI:the iPad version of Dorico has a lifetime fee option

The promotional price on the Lifetime Unlock in-app purchase ends on 8 January 2024. I’ve just checked to make sure, and it’s still discounted as expected.

That price includes the discount. The normal, non-discounted price for the Lifetime Unlock in-app purchase is $119.99 US or €139.99.


Thanks for all of the information everyone!

Why is there so big a difference in price in $ and €?
$119,99 is the same as about €110, that really is a lot!

Apple set the prices, based on the US dollar. There was a big adjustment to App Store pricing in October 2022. Before that, $119.99 US corresponded to €119.99 EUR, but after that date, the EUR price was increased to €139.99. Apple informed its developers that this was due to longer term movements in exchange rates.

Hi Daniel, I’m in Canada and the price I’m seeing in the App Store is $119.99. Is this the discounted price?

Yes, that’s correct.

Ok we can thank Apple for this insight in the future of exchange rates…?
So if I am right the developer sets a price for which he/she wants to sell, and Apple sets the consumer price in all currencies by themself, based on that first one?
But thanks for your quick answer, and I won’t blame you or Steinberg!

That’s right – we set the price by choosing a specific price tier, and Apple then uses the local price in that tier in every territory. It is possible for developers to override price tiers in specific countries, but this is not something that we do for our own apps. Apple set the prices in such a way that the proceeds for each sale (for Apple, and for the developer) are roughly comparable in US dollar terms in every territory.

(One other small point: don’t forget, for example, that $119.99 US doesn’t include sales tax/VAT, while €139.99 does include VAT at the applicable rate.)

Again thanks for the clarification, and yes VAT included or not also makes a big difference (but the other way around)!

I was going to speculate that this was a factor. Nice to see that I was on the right track. :slight_smile: