Updating 5.0 to 5.5.6 Problem

I basically went straight from N4.3 to N6.0. But as I am frustrated (like many of us) with the mixer, I decided to just work in N5. Since I only had 5.0, I just downloaded the 5.5.6 update to take 5.0 out to the final iteration. But the update won’t go through because Windows 7 keeps telling me that it can’t open the update because it can’t verify the update path.

Does this mean that I have to uninstall N6 in order to update N5?

Did you install 5.0 first?


Disculpen, yo necesito hacer una pregunta, tengo nuendo 5 instalado en una laptop, que tiene altavoces integrados, y parece todo correcto, osea el controlador midi emite la señal y es recibida por que se mueven los osciladores, funciona el proyecto, parece todo ok, queda grabado, el problema es que no se escucha por los altavoces, pero los sonidos del sistema si salen por ellos, por lo que he leido quiza windows prioriza para las advertencias del sistema los drivers de los parlantes…o quiza no tengo bien configurado nuendo…(soy novato asi que cualquier respuesta aunque sea obvia puede servirme)…sera ese el problema??? desde ya muchas gracias…

Yes, I installed 5.0 first. But I never used it. I continued to work in 4.3 until 6.0 came out. Then I installed 6.0 and used it. I got frustrated and decided to try 5.5.6. But after downloading it and installing it, I got this routing error message that won’t complete the upgrade.

I will admit to being far more comfortable with N6.0.6 now, so this question may prove to be merely academic.

From memory - does the 5.5.6 update not require at least a core update to 5.5 first? (which should also have a separate activation code for the eLicenser as well)
Not at all sure it will work off a 5.0 install

The link to update 5.0 to 5.5 appears to be broken.

This is the direct link


which appears halfway down the N5 update page


The link from 5.5 to 5.5.6 works correctly, but as Neil says, you can’t update directly from 5.0 to 5.5.6…

Could someone please confirm the link isn’t working? Or better still could Steinberg please fix it?

Dear Steinberg

It is currently impossible to update to Nuendo 5.5 because the link to N5.5 update is broken. Please fix it asap.


I have passed the message.


Thanks Fredo, I also called Steinberg this morning. The page has been taken down. The nice man said he would email me when it’s fixed - hope it’s soon…