Updating a custom template - reflecting back to page insertions

  • I’ve got a custom page template - a title page with lots of text.
  • Then at the front I insert that template at the beginning - 1 here.
  • Later, I update the custom template and make no change to page 1 itself, just the template
  • Sometimes, usually the first few times I update the page, page #1 updates automatically.
  • Other times - later it seems after a few edits, it stops updating and requires a removal and insertion again

I’m trying to see the pattern here but this is what seems is going on. I’ve been following this pattern for several files now and keep seeing it crop up in the latest file I’m working on. Wondering if I’m doing something wrong here.

Yeah just happened again - the very first edit propagates, after that it doesn’t. I wonder if Dorico registers the first update as a custom edit to that page, which is why it doesn’t update after that. But doesn’t explain why I can’t seem to get it to propagate again with a new refreshed page in there.

Once there’s a Page Override (shown by the little red triangle) any changes you make to the template won’t update on the page. If you right-click and select Remove Page Override, then it should reflect whatever is in your updated Page Template. Just make any edits in the template, and not directly on the page, and then they will remain in sync.

No it does I swear! In my case the red triangle is indicating a custom page insert, but it’s the default template. Wait a minute … oh got it, I need to insert a template change, not a page change


Seems to be working now, thanks!