Updating AI from 10.5 to V11 for dummies

Hi folks,
I remember having a lot of trouble downloading, installing and getting 10.5 AI up and running.
So what I am asking is, what is the step by step procedure to upgrade to AI 11 to do it simply and easily???
I still am having trouble doing fade ins / outs which was so simple on my old DAW. In fact I could record and edit things way quicker than I am at present but hopefully in time when I learn this program thoroughly it will become easier.
Regards Derek

first of all you probably have to wait if / until Steinberg offer an update for AI.

Thanks for your reply.
What is the post by Steve that says free update from 10.5 to 11 for registered users?

Hadnˋt seen that - dates back on May 2020 though and link leads nowhere for me. so if you follow the link and get a download key or link, just download it and install.