Updating Cubase 10 Pro to 10.5

Hello everyone,
I am trying to activate cubase pro 10.5.
I have downloaded it and installed it several months ago but I was using 10.0.3.
I cannot find a way to pay for this update and finally receive an activation code in order to insert it into the e-licencer.
Am I missing something?

hi Dimitris

Welcome to the forum :+1:

Steinberg don’t make it possible to buy older versions. The latest version is V11, which you can buy/upgrade in the webshop

you might find somebody online selling the 10.5 upgrade but Steinberg will still give you V11 when you activate the new licence :slight_smile:

The V11 licence will allow you to run v10.5 if you really want to but may as well go straight to v11

Thank you for the info.
So, is it possible to upgrade from v10 to v11 or do I buy it like a new product?
I am asking because I only see, upgrade from v10.5 to v11.

hi - you can definitely upgrade your v10 licence

check that page again - it’s there as an option…