Updating Cubase 6 to 10.5 AI Artist


I have a question here about upgrading and wondering if someone can help… I’m running Cubase 6 (6.0.2 build 291) and I need to upgrade as have recently updated my Mac OS to Mojave (sigh).

Is it possible to upgrade this version 6 to ‘Cubase Artist 10.5 AI’? Or do upgrades for 10.5 AI need to be from an earlier ‘AI’ version? Have run a few searches on this but haven’t been able to find a clear answer…

Any help much appreciated! :smiley:

There is no Cubase Artist 10.5 AI.
There is Cubase Pro, Cubase Artist, Cubase Elements, Cubase AI and Cubase LE, whereas the latter two are OEM versions, which in general do not have an official update path, unless Steinberg make some special offers, which happens from time to time.
LE and AI versions can be upgraded to Elelments, Artist and Pro versions though.
„Cubase 6“ version can only be updated to a Cubase Pro Version.


It’s still cheaper to upgrade from Cubase 6 to Cubase Pro 11 than buy a new Cubase Artist 11.