Updating from cubase 7 to 8.5 pro

I would like to upgrade from cubase 7 to 8.5 pro but at the moment i have a few projects active and unfinished but i am worried if i upgrade my current projects will be a mess or not,has anyone experienced this upgrade and tell me if its safe or not thanks

In general this shouldn’t cause any problems. Upgrading to 8.5 does not make C7 go away. You can still run C7 if you want. You can even open a C8.5 project in C7, although you won’t see any of the C8.5 specific stuff of course.

You might want to take you current in progress projects and use “save as” to make a C7 copy named something like CoolProjC7.cpr. Then after you’ve upgraded to 8.5 when you open and close CoolProj.cpr in 8.5 it will be converted to an 8.5 project and you’ll also have your C7 copy just in case (although I’ve never needed that).