Updating from Cubase Studio 7 to Cubase 12 Pro

Hello, I need help to make an update. I now have a very old Cubase studio 7. Can i upgrade to Cubase pro 12? I am now using an old USB key would that work or do I need a new one? Whats is the process that I have to do to do this update?

Many Thanks for your help!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Yes, you can. Go for the Cubase Pro 12 Upgrade from Cubase Artist 11 … Cubase Artist 7 … Cubase Artist 6, please (329€). I expect, you own Cubase Artist 7, not Cubase Studio 7, which doesn’t exist. Please, verify your exact license.

No. Cubase 12 is not using the eLCC at all anymore.

Go to the Steinberg shop and order the upgrade. Once you get the code, download Steinberg Download Assistant. From this one download Cubase Pro 12 and install it. Download Steinberg Activation Manager, sign-in and enter the code you will get via email.

Enjoy Cubase Pro 12!

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Hello, thanks for your answer!!

Ok I am not sure what is called. I am sure its 7 but I am not sure if its artist or elements. Is there a way to find out? My old computer that had cubase installed died, and all I am left with is with my licence key.


Start eLCC application, let trigger the Maintenance. Here you can find the exact license name.

Thanks just did, it says Cubase 7, it doesnt say artist or pro. Just Cubase 7


Then it means, you have the “Pro” edition.

Therefore go for the Cubase Pro 12 Update from Cubase Pro 10.5 … Cubase 7 … Cubase 4 for 199€.

Thanks again for all your help!!! :slight_smile: