Updating parameters in subcontroller

I am able to update parameter changes within a controller from the process function as shown in VUppm example in Again.

But how to go about updating a parameter inside a subcontroller ? Here’s my subcontroller class

class PitchbendController : public VSTGUI::DelegationController
	PitchbendController(VSTGUI::IController* icontroller, MainController* mainController) : DelegationController(icontroller) { mainController_ = mainController;			
	IControlListener* getControlListener(VSTGUI::UTF8StringPtr controlTagName) override { return this; }
	CView* verifyView(CView* view, const UIAttributes& attributes, const IUIDescription* description);
	void controlEndEdit(CControl* pControl);
	void valueChanged(VSTGUI::CControl* pControl);
	MainController* mainController_;

And the subcotroller is created using createSubController

if (name == "PitchbendController")
		return new PitchbendController(editor, this);

Hi, I’m going through the same issue. How do I update anything in a subcontroller from the main controller?

In my case I have a custom view which needs to be redrawn.

(Out of frustration, I gotta say this SDK is extremely complicated…)

Why do you have a sub-controller in the first place? You could have created your custom view already in your main controller. But if you need to create a sub controller then you need to remember it when you create it in your main controller.

I just followed the custom view creation from the VSTGUI docs, where it said that I needed a view factory.
The sub controller controls other buttons as well as the view, but now that you mentioned that views can be created directly in the main controller, it’s a whole new story for me…