Updating Retrologue 1 to 2 in Cubase 6.5


I’m still a fond user of Cubase 6.5. And I use another DAW aswel with which I happily use Retrologue in. Here’s the thing:

I have bought the upgrade key for 49 euro’s. Thinking that it will allow me to upgrade to R2, from the version I have. But I cannot find the initial Key of Retrologue 1 in my eLicenser, as it is (I think) imbued within the Cubase 6.5 License. Does this mean I have spent 50 euros on an upgrade key I cannot use? Or can someone else tell me how to do handle this? I have tried many, many things…installing, deleting, reinstalling, relicensing etc etc but I’m running out of options. Any help would be hot! :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

Thanks in advance!

If anyone else has this problem with another version of cubase (ie: 7 - 7.5 or 8) I’d like to hear there solutions as well if possible.


The VST instruments that come with Cubase are just a bonus. If you want to use Retrologue 2 you’ll either have to upgrade to the latest version of Cubase or pay the full price for the plugin.

Hey RT. Thanks for the reply.

Are you serious about this? If true, then this is really unwritten or unspoken. I have searched the entire website for any information about this concerning the upgrade. Nothing that I could find though. Even in the written applied conditions concerning the upgrade to Retrologue 2, nothing can be found about needing a seperatly bought full version. This is really beyond my logic to be honest. Having a bonus means …having it right?

I hope someone from Steinberg can confirm this.

Thanks anyway dude.

contact steinberg support.
Beware, since it is a holiday period so it may take some time.
You can ask for changing to the correct upgrade or ask for a refund.

You have bought the wrong update.
Upgrading from 6.5 to 8.5 is 249 euro.
see here: http://www.steinberg.net/en/shop/buy_product/product/cubase-pro-85.html

Also, i am not confident if retrologue 2 still has the VST2.4 dll included, so i would verify that also.
If so, it will not appear in cubase 6.5.

kind regards,

Thanks for the reply dude!

The upgrade I have bought is not the Cubase 8.5 upgrade but the Retrologue 2 upgrade key. But you saying that, and the words of RtP might give me the impression I should have taken that one. Anyway… . I have already contacted support and I’m aware it will take a while now regarding the holiday season. I hope they come up with a solution. Best upgrade or if possible money back.

cheers mates.

Still waiting for an awnser. I know Steinberg support is very busy…But I’ve sent 2 inquiries already spanning 3 weeks. No results yet. Pretty please!

Has any progress been made on this issue?

I ran into the same thing last night, albeit with Cubase 7.5, and was about ready to tear my hair out once I saw this post. I agree, it’s ridiculous that we don’t have a license to the product which we have been using, and it should at least be made plain and clear that the base install included with Cubase is not eligible for upgrade. If it was, that’d be fine, we could just purchase the full version. But now we have paid for useless licenses.

I was really looking forward to playing with R2, too…

Anyway, that’s my rant :imp: . Mic dropped

have you activated the key and updated the elicenser software & database? It should work when done this way.
When acquiring new products the database and software of the elicenser must be up2date in order to recognize the new product.


I’m not sure if your post was directed at me or the OP, but I did have the eLicenser suite fully upgraded. The issue that I had, which I believe is the same as OP, is that despite Retrologue being included with Cubase, a license is not included with it, therefore making it impossible to use the upgrade license.

However, I just heard back on my support case, and Steinberg provided me with an activation code for Retrologue; when I get home I should be able to activate the original Retrologue, and then the Retrologue 2 upgrade license will work.

Hopefully this was the solution for the OP!

Well it’s been a while and to be totally honest, I do not remember, but as it seems the solution is there for you.

So have fun with Retrologue 2 :slight_smile: