Updating to 6.5.5 from 6.5.3

Hello folks, I’m trying to update my Cubase 6.5.3 to version 6.5.5 but my mac installer says I need cubase 6 on board ?
Whats that all about I passed Cubase 6 ages ago !

That is odd. You list 6.5.4 in your signature (which was a beta hotfix). I’d suggest uninstalling 6, then installing 6, then 6.5.0, then 6.5.5. I hope this information helps.

Sorry Chris,

I do mean version 6.5.4. Seems a lot of trouble to go to just for an update !

Check the specs and see if you need anything included
in the update.

Especially, ‘if it ain’t broke’…

You better first install the latest e-Licenser software, cause this seems like a lot of work to just go from one version to the other and it shouldn’t go like this.

I usually like to have the latest version but you are right Curteye Im more than happy with 6.5.4. Yes I’ve got the latest e-licencer software Arjan P so me thinks I’ll stay put for a while until those nice chaps at HQ sort out whats going on !