Updating to 7.5 question.

Hi all,

Im on Mavericks OSX on a mac pro. Currently I have install 7.06 and the 7.5 is near completion.

Is this an update patcher or a full install? If full, do you typically install over the previous version if it is a full or unisntall (which can be a nightmare) Looking for the least headaches of course to retain key commands and settings.

Thanks for the help and excited to check out the update.

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The 900 mb download is an update patcher

Strange were do you see that? I’d much rather just do an update install then anything else.

I have a grace period upgrade and all I see is a 6.7 gig download. Someplace else I should be looking?

Here is a screeenshot of my options.

That´s the full installer.I got an update installer with 900 MB (Cubase) and 2.something GB HalionSonic SE

Were do I find the 900meg update? I would prefer that option.


I got it with the confirmation email (germany)

I would like to find the update option folks. Anyone have a link for the 900meg version of the update? It seems Im downloading the full version of 7.5 of which Id rather just update my 7.06. As posted above, its the only option I seem to have for US retail. Can anyone confirm an alternative option?


The link seems to be tied to the online shop account.

So would it be in my mysteinberg account? Didn’t see it :slight_smile:

No, european (german?) online shop for steinberg is “asknet”. I need to log into my asknet account to get to the link, otherwise I had posted it already.

Aloha S,

Is it also possible that if you take the 900mb route
there may be ‘missing content’?

Been reading a post(s) about missing HASE 2 content.

Seems the content can be easily acquired/downloaded but it adds just one more
thing with which to deal.

Could a smaller download footprint also bring with it additional probs?

That´s strange. You paid the equivalent of 49.99 euros and got links for the full version? :astonished:

The full installer ISOs had been on the steinberg site already, and probably will be put back there, when the traffic allows it again…

Hi Pumafred,

I qualified for the grace period upgrade. This morning my e-licenser upgraded to 7.5. As per the instructions, I was given those download options only. Strange.

Also I too wonder if the full is better? Do you run the risk of installing over a previous version?


I have the full download of 7.5 now but haven’t installed.

Can someone clarify if installing the full version of 7.5 over 7.06 is ok? In not could I get a link to the update? This is getting frustrating as I don’t want to ruin my rig and setups.


You are right. I expressed myself poorly.

I just installed the upgrade from 7.0 to 7.5 and all seems fine so far. However, returning to the matter of this post, since I had to reset so many things, what is the advantage between the upgrade and the full install? (No serious problem for me, but my settings were gone, my VST plugin folder had to be reset, my “recent projects” were gone -not the projects, of course.)


Stienberg forgot to give an option for an upgrade link to the folks that qualified for a free upgrade. Nothing in the mail, no link to trigger it. So its a full install or nothing.

I backed up the system and did the full… It seems ok so far.

Some official word would be appreciated in the matter. Also I take it the extra content was included in the 6 gig version? Something about a trip library?

I hope they will give us the 900mb upgrade rather than full install. I’m waiting for them to have it done soon.


I tested all yesterday and it seems just fine to do the full install. It keeps the 7.06 icon but seems to retain the old default structure format so all worked right away for me.

Im going to stick to this route as it seems to be running perfect.

Kind Regards,