Updating to version 7.5 (download) from version 7


Yesterday I installed for the first time Cubase 7 64bit (under Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit) , purchased as a boxed (no download) update to Cubase 4, on 4 december 2013.
After finishing installation, I set up the eLicenser dongle, and was told that I am entitled to a free update to version 7.5, because I’m in the grace period.
I have already downloaded the Cubase 7.5 installation ZIP file, for Windows.

I have two questions:

  1. Do I have to uninstall Cubase 7 before installing version 7.5, or can I just run the update and the installer will take all necessary actions, and install “on top” of the older version?
  2. I have not yet opened the freshly installed Cubase 7. I am not sure if I should open the program at least once before proceeding to the 7.5 update, or if it is better to make the update before opening Cubase for the first time. Perhaps there’s no difference? What do you suggest?


1.) Depends on the installer you have - usually it comes with that info. You also can find plenty of posts about that across the forum
2.)It does not matter at all.

I can’t find any instructions for installing/updating inside the Zip archive which I have downloaded. I also couldn’t find other posts with information. Can you point me somewhere?

The Zip archive is called “Cubase_7.5_Installer_win.zip”, and its size is 6.632.122 KB (8,49 GB uncompressed).
It contains also a “Start Center.exe” file.

I’m not sure if I can proceed directly with the update (by running “Start Center.exe” or “Setup.exe”), or if I shall uninstall Cubase 7 first. I would prefer not to uninstall, by I will do it if it is better.
Should I perhaps run the installer, and see what happens? Perhaps I will get more information when running the installer?


No need to uninstall, it is a separate version.


I didn’t mean that I want to keep version 7 installed. I just want one version installed: the latest one (7.5).
From what you say, it seems my version 7.5 installer will install a separate, full version, and will keep version 7 installed. So I need to manually uninstall version 7 before (or after?) doing the 7.5 installation… right?

What about the eLicenser software? Should I uninstall it? Probably it will get re-installed with the 7.5 version, right?

Is it true that during installation of version 7.5, the installer will download a new version of HALion Sonic SE content? Is this download several gigabytes large?


Can somebody help, please?

Go here scroll down to where it says “Cubase 7.5 complete installation”, download the two iso files. They contain everything for a full standalone installation of 7.5, so you can uninstall 7.0 - which you can do before installing 7.5.

Thanks for your help.
I’m currently downloading the images. Meanwhile I would have some questions (to you and others) on how to proceed to install. I’m thinking about mounting the ISO images inside Windows 8.1 (Pro 64bit), and use them as virtual CD drives. I prefer not to actually burn the images to DVD, because I think there is a higher risk of write errors.
But I never mounted ISO images, so I’m a little unsure…

I see three options, please tell me what you think is best, or let me know if there are better ways:

  1. Mount the main Cubase 7.5.0 ISO, and start installing. When asked to insert the HALion Sonic SE2 Content CD, unmount the Cubase 7.5.0 ISO, then mount the HALion ISO and proceed.
  2. Mount the main Cubase 7.5.0 ISO, and start installing. When asked to insert the HALion Sonic SE2 Content CD, keep the Cubase 7.5.0 ISO mounted, mount the HALion ISO and proceed.
  3. Mount both Cubase and HALion images, at once before starting installation. Then proceed to install from the Cubase 7.5.0 image. Probably I will not get asked about the HALion Sonic SE2 Content CD, the installation will proceed automatically with the HALion CD.

I would prefer options 1 and 2, so that I would actually see that the HALion Sonic SE2 Content CD is getting installed, and wouldn’t get any doubts about this. But if you think that option 3 is best, I will do it.
Is there a way to check that the HALion Sonic SE2 Content CD has actually been installed?

Please let me know your suggestions.

Come on, people - Do not make things more complicated than they are - it doesn´t matter at all

The ‘update’ install files you have (the downloaded zip file) do just that - they update an existing installation. This is more important for someone who has been using a previous version and has personalized their installation - i.e. made a lot of preference changes etc. but it makes no difference if you haven’t.
Point is, the majority of files have already been installed so you only need to install the update.
I believe one can choose the same folder as the original and then you will have a single installation. Alternatively you can remove the existing 7.0x installation after installing 7.5 with no problem.