Upgrade 10.5 Elements zu Cubase Pro 11 Upgrade AI HILFE HELPH

Hello, I have Cubase 10.5 Elements and I am very satisfied. I wanted to upgrade to Cubase Pro 11 Upgrade AI and bought it for 300 euros. My problem is that I cannot activate the license and my question is whether it is even possible to update Cubase Pro 11 Upgrade AI directly from 10.5 Elements or do I still need something specific? am so overwhelmed maybe you can help me.

Hallo ich habe Cubase 10.5 Elements und bin sehr zufrieden wollte jetzt upgraden auf Cubase Pro 11 Upgrade AI und habe das mir gekauft für 300 euro. Mein Problem ist das ich die Lizenz nicht aktivieren kann und meine frage ist ob von 10.5 Elements das überhaupt möglich ist auf Cubase Pro 11 Upgrade AI direkt einen update zu machen oder brauche ich etwas bestimmtes noch ?? bin so überfragt vllt können Sie mir helfen.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

First of all, you need an upgrade from Cubase Elements, not for Cubase AI, if you are Cubase Elements owner. Also be sure, you buy an upgrade from 10.5 version, not other version.

Cubase Pro license is stored on the USB-eLicenser, not in the Soft-eLicenser, as Cubase Elements is. So you have to buy the USB-eLicenser. Then you transfer your Cubase Elements license to the USB-eLicenser and then you can upgrade the license to the Pro.

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I even have 2 usb e licensers, but as soon as I enter my code and want to activate / upgrade everything is crossed out in red and I can’t activate the product I don’t understand where the error is, what I’m doing wrong. Thank you for your help, but I don’t know what to do next

i buy me now cubase 11 pro for 500 euro ■■■■ it :smiley:


Did you transfer your Elements license to the USB-eLicenser first, please? Just drag and drop the license to the USB-eLicenser icon on the eLCC application, please.