Upgrade 10 Pro from 10 Artist?

I have Cubase 10 Artist installed on a Windows 10 system and took advantage of the 50% OFF sale to upgrade to Pro.

Is there an easy way to do the upgrade without downloading and installing the full 27GB Pro installer? It looks identical is size to the one for Artist that’s already installed. If I update the eLicenser with the Cubase 10 Pro activation code will the additional features then just appear and work?

Thanks :slight_smile:

As confirmed several times throughout plenty of posts on the forums: Yes

Thank you svennilenni :slight_smile:
I’ll try it and see how it works.

fwiw I scrolled through a few pages of posts to see if the question was already asked and then tried a few word searches that did not find anything. It would be great if there was a FAQ section of archived posts with common questions/answers … If there already is I didn’t find that either