Upgrade and new computer

I replaced my computer and want to migrate Dorico into it. The snag is that I’m still running Dorico 3 on my old computer. I was considering upgrade anyway but I’m now unsure what are the steps I need to take. Do I download the eLicense software (how?) to the new computer to install Dorico? Do I have to upgrade to get Dorico on the new computer? Do I need to somehow upgrade on the old computer and then download again to the new computer?
Many thanks

The easiest way, I would think, would be to upgrade on the old computer and then deactivate that version of Dorico to give yourself three installs on the new (and perhaps two other) computers.

You might be able to upgrade to the new licensing system on your old computer without even running Dorico 5 there.

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Hi @o.ben-tal I also suggest updating Dorico on the old computer first, as @derrek suggest.

Also an important info in case you didn’t jet bought the update to Dorico 5: