Upgrade Artist 9 to Pro 9?

I upgraded from Artist 8 to Artist 9. I really like 9. I like it so much I’m selling Studio One 3 Pro, Reaper and Renoise :slight_smile:

With monies I hope to get from those sales, I’m thinking about getting Pro 9, but I’m questioning if it’s worth it.

I am a home hobbyist, and create for the joy of it. There are no added instruments in the Pro version, and from what I can see little that I would actually use. I would like Vara Audio, but I have Melodine essentials and though a pain sometimes it gets the job done. Other than some nice effect plug-ins I just don’t see what the Pro version would actually offer me. Am I missing something?

I am looking for opinions from other hobbyist who use Pro. Do you think the $250 upgrade would be worth it? What are some great features that Pro has that I might need?