Upgrade Artist6 to Cubase6 - Downloadable?

is there a download purchase? if i have everything already on my computer should be downloadable.

You’ll get exactly the same program as someone who bought Cubase 6 as new, it isn’t an “upgrade” in this sense. The uppgrade element is just the pricing - you get a discount for having paid for a lesser version.

Is Cubase 6 a downloadable purchase anyway? There were quite a few DVDs in the package I received. And even if you only wanted the program and the “free” softsynths, I suspect Steinberg would want you to be tempted by the time-limited versions of the chargable extras :slight_smile:

I am fairly certain I read a post within the last two or three weeks about someone that did this and was saying that they were missing content. It could have also been someone who had the demo version and then bought the full license. I tried to search for it but all my keywords were ignored because they were too relevant :confused: . Personally, I would want to DVDs for reinstallations or catastrophes, etc.

Steinberg say:
“Cubase 6 Trial is a free trial version of the renowned music production software from Steinberg. The trial version comes with the same range of functionality as the full version — including all instruments, effects and sounds — and may be used without limitations for 30 days.”

I suspect this means you don’t get the trial versions of additional VSTi which are included in the retail pack.

also a package artist6 version comes with 4-5 dvds of bloatware demos i do not want to see, including a full cubase6 version. all i need is the syncrosoft licence. the rest i have and do not need again. it`s all clear.

Hi there,

Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6 share the same installer. The license on your dongle decides which version will be opened. When you buy the upgrade online (available on our online shop) and after you upgrade your license Cubase 6 will start the next time you open your Cubase.

What country are you located in?

Some countries can not get shipments from Steinberg for one reason or another.

From my current country when I browse Cubase online shop I do not even see the option to purchase Cubase 6 - merely ONE and only 1 upgrade path.

Then again - import taxes and shipping is a REAL doozy here also. I ordered one DVD from Amazon just about 1 month ago and the sender stated a 5 dollar USD value … I was required to pay nearly $45 USD in taxes and fees just to sign for it when the delivery was at my door.

The package weighed less than 1/2 a pound (1/4 kilo maybe)

ONE cd in jewel case ! WOW

Well - if you can not get an electronic ONLINE upgrade Maybe I can help (you can do what I did). I did the following.

  1. Order through a VPN or have a friend on a supported country order for you.
  2. Ship to their house.
  3. Use some type of remote desktop software and simply use their DVD drive to install from.
  4. They give you the upgrade keys on the telephone, etc

    I have been using Cubase 6 (upgrade from Cubase 5) for about a month - required 1 of the 6 or so DVD’s to get installed.

I will be happy when I can get the full 6 DVD’s here, but I refuse to pay local post offices $50 - $100 or whatever they decide to charge me at their mercy :laughing:

NOTE: That 1 dvd took me a full night to get from my pops… so pray your friend/family has faster internet than mine did :smiley:

In fact, the Cubase Artist 6 to Cubase 6 upgrade is a online only upgrade i.e. it can be bought on our online shop exclusively. And you don’t get any packages, you only get the activation code to upgrade your license (via email).