upgrade bricked my computer!

I’m extremely pissed with Steinberg right now. I have a brand new Microsoft Surface Book. My specs for my configuration are Windows 10 64bit, i7, 16gb ram, 512SSD with custom NVIDIA dedicated graphics card. I installed cubase 8 with upgrade 8.0.3 on my last computer with no issues. I install it on my surface book and everything seemed to be ok until I got to the upgrade. It froze on the screen. I’ve attached a picture of it. Now my computer is running extremely slower (from boot). Some of the resolutions for things isn’t right. My start menu completely stopped working. And there are gaps in my task bar. These types and amounts of errors is ridiculous as they are in effect as soon as the computer starts and have nothing to do with cubase actually running. I’ve uninstalled cubase and the updates and they’ve fixed nothing which means the uninstaller left files behind as well. Now I have to completely reset my brand new computer SMH. Thanks Steinberg.

I cannot even believe this is filed under miscellaneous. I posted my specs. The version of cubase that’s causing the problem, my operating system and a picture of the problem. This is the most unprofessional thing I’ve ever seen.

Agree, reporting an issue on this forum is almost hopeless. Issues with 8.0.30 are fixed with 8.5, for $50 where new bugs are waiting to be discovered.

Is there any update about how Cubase runs on the Surface Book? I am also curious about the Surface Pro 4. Thanks.

Clearly I’m way late but things are all good and stable now.