Upgrade C5 to C7 via C6

I have C6.5 Educational loaded which was itself an upgrade from C5. I also have a C5 upgrade to C7 still unopened in its box. Can I upgrade C6.5 to C7 with the C5 box or should I re-install C5 to get there ?


It doesn’t matter what is installed. All that matters is the license in the dongle. If your license is 6.5, an upgrade from 5 will not work.


Thanks. Strange to say, although I haven’t double-checked, I think my license shows C7 ! I think earlier I asked Steinberg Support if I could load C6.5 when C7 showed up—the answer was ‘yes’ and C6.5 loaded without a hitch.

I’m slightly leaning towards a trouble-free upgrade from C6.5 to C7 with my C5 box ? ?–what do you reckon ?


You can’t use a C5 to C7 code to upgrade a C6.5 license to C7. It is impossible.

First of all, open the elicenser software to see what version it is there.

This is all correct. You can USE any verion you have a license for and older (must be installed, of course).
We are talking about updating the license, not using, in which case, the license on the dongle is all that matters. You don’t actually need ANY version installed to update the license. What Mak’ says is correct. You can’t update your current license with that activation code. You need a 6.5 to 7 code (or FROM whatever LICENSE you actually have, check ELCC to confirm, as Mak’ suggested). If you can’t find one for sale, you can update to 8 and USE 7 with an 8 license.

Right. I’m off to ELCC. It’s probably quicker than installing C5 and then upgrading to C7.