Upgrade Cost

How do I upgrade from Cubase Studio 5 to the full Cubase 5? I do not want to upgrade to 6 at this time because I am working my way through the 4-volume training DVD for Cubase 5.

Thanks for your consideration.

Jonathan Blycker

Well, you might be a little late for an (official) Cubase 5 upgrade…

If you wait long enough, it may appear as an archive. :slight_smile:

It would probably be more cost effective to upgrade to Cubase 6. The license will allow you to run Cubase 5. You just need to get the install disc. I am not sure what the feature differences are, but it may be mostly the “unlocking” of certain features.

just get 6

they are %90 the same and what you learn from your 5 DVD will be applicable.

has a couple of new really useful features that are not in 5

such as the guitar amp and pedal simulation

and the new group editing feature is worth the price of addmision alone.