Upgrade Cubase 10 Educational


Does anyone know know if there is how the possibility to upgrade Cubase from version LE 9 Student to version 10 PRO with student discount?

I didn’t find this option in their shop. There’s Cubase 10 PRO with educational discount, but not the upgrade.

If it’s possible to make an upgrade with educational discount I would consider going with Nuendo depending on the price.

Marcelo Garrett


This is very frustrating, I purchased the Cubase Artist 10 (education) about a week ago and I noticed that it does not have the features I want. Now I have to pay $645 instead of $511 (the original Cubase pro 10 education) to upgrade. All other software companies that offer education price, offer education price for upgrades as well. This is really unfair for people on student budget.

I agree with Parisa. Getting Cubase 10 Artist today since i could get it for a good price and cant spent that much at once and there are a few features i’d like to have in the future. Im not spending $500 for an upgrade. It would be fair to just pay $140 for the upgrade to Pro Educational.

I have Cubase 6.5 education version. If I want to upgrade to the Cubase 10 Pro, is it correct that I choose “Update from Cubase 4 / 5 / 6 / 6.5” (299 Euros)?

Yes. When it comes to updating or upgrading, the edu version is treated the same as the regular one, and once the license is upgraded you end up with a retail license.

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Pleas help me. I buy upgrade for cubase 9 education to cubase pro 10 but i dont know how to make…how to upgrade :frowning: ???


Open eLicenser Control Center, choose “Enter Activation Code” and enter the activation code you purchased. This should upgrade the licence on your USB eLicenser from Cubase Pro 9 Education to Cubase Pro 10 (retail).

Once you have the eLicenser upgraded, download the full version of Cubase Pro 10 using Steinberg Download Assistant and install Cubase 10.