Upgrade Cubase 12 to 13 only for Splice?


I’m a little bit confused. Cubase 13 is now available. I’m using Cubase 12, but it seems that only those running Splice Cubase 12, which is not my case, are allowed to upgrade to Cubase 13.

I’m missing something here ?

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No, everyone is allowed to update. How did you come to this, please?

From there in French:
New in Cubase 13: Time to Embrace a New Era | Steinberg

click Cubase pro then upgrade.

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What I can see on the English web-page is the opposite:

This update is not suitable for Cubase Pro 12 Splice customers. Splice customers can get an update directly from Splice.

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Thanks. I just reverified now and a correction seems to have been applied to the english translation.

Lookig forward of using this upgrade soon !

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