Upgrade cubase 5 to cubase 11 pro

for the life of me i cant seem to upgrade my cubase 5 to cubase 11 pro? it keeps sending me to cubase 12. spent 3 hours trying i said frick it and went to download cubase 12 but it wouldnt sign me in. very frustrating. any details on how to upgrade from cubase 5 to 11 pro would be much appreciated?

You can’t upgrade from C5 to C11, you have to upgrade to C12.

Indeed, I think you can only upgrade to Cubase 12 since that is the current version.

  • On the link below, click on the “Buy Cubase 12” button, and choose Cubase 12 Pro (unless you want the Artist or Elements version). Make sure to notice the “Updates and upgrades” tab near the top in the pop-up. The second option there is to go from Cubase 5 to 12 Pro, and costs $199. A reasonable price to go to the latest Pro version. New versions usually come out once a year, and it is $99 then to upgrade to newer versions (optional of course if you prefer to stick with Cubase 12).