Upgrade Cubase AI4 to current version

I have Cubase pro 10.5 but I also have a soft elicence for Cubase AI4 on my dongle. I got this years ago when I bought a Yamaha n12 and moved it to my dongle when I rebuilt my pc. I have two dongles and know you can’t put a soft licence back on a computer so would move to my old dongle.

I can reactivate the licence but will this then allow me to use AI10.5 on another pc with my soft elicence on my 2nd dongle? I no longer have the AI4 disk and to be honest it would be way out of date anyway.


If you move the AI license to the second dongle, you can upgrade that version to elements 10.5 for €49,99.

The licence on my dongle now just says AI and not AI4. Still downloading AI10.5 so will see.

Thanks for the info on elements. I’ll take a look at the comparison chart as it may be worth having elements as opposed to AI on the computer my son is using.

By the way it really was that simple. Reactivated and downloaded 10.5. I put it on my old usb dongle as I may use it on the move and I want my Cubase pro dongle to stay on my main machine. Started up and working great. I won’t upgrade to elements as it doesn’t give much more and all serious work will get done on Cubase pro

Thanx for sharing, your awnser can be useful for other users.