Upgrade Cubase elements 10.60 to Cubase elements 11

Hi there.
I have noticed that you can upgrade from Cubase elements 10.5 to Cubase elements 11, does that include Cubase elements 10.60 as that is the one I have installed on my pc?

Is it worth the upgrade too?

Cubase Elements 10.60? I don’t think so. It is most likely 10.0.60 (Cubase Elements 10). Anyway … it seems that it’s the same update from Elements 6 all the way through 10.5. So, yes, it should work.

You can check the Steinberg online shop yourself …

Cubase: Your guide to music production | Steinberg

Also available from online retailers such as …

Steinberg Cubase 11 Elements - Update from Cubase Elements 6-10.5 (download) | Sweetwater

Just make sure it’s really Elements that you have a license for. Many people get confused with the whole “LE/AI/Elements” thing and purchase the wrong update/upgrade.

I’m not suggesting you are one of those people :grinning:.

“Is it worth it” is something only you can decide …

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