Upgrade Cubase Elements 9 to Artist 10?


Forgive a potentially stupid question that probably has an obvious answer.

I have Cubase Elements 9 and I think the time is right for me to upgrade to Artist.

When I choose the upgrade option in the Steinberg shop, it says the upgrade is ‘from Elements’, but doesn’t say which version numbers. I’ve seen somewhere else on Steinberg that says the upgrade can be from Elements 6,7,8, 9.5 or 10, but it doesn’t mention 9.

I’m pretty certain 9 would be fine but before I drop £171 (plus extra for the licenser) on something I can use - can anybody confirm I can upgrade from Element 9 to Artist 10?


Now thats really a tough one: You have Elements 9 and the upgrade is for Elements versions…

As I said myself, I know it’s a stupid question and I was pretty certain what the answer would be, but given its not clear on some pages whether it means Elements 10 only or other versions, perhaps I wanted to be sure before I threw £171 down a not 100%-completely labeled rabbit hole.