Upgrade Cubase pro 10 to 11 without having dongle yet

I’m about to buy Cubase pro 10 second hand.
The dongle will take some time to arrive.
Meanwhile I want to use Steinberg upgrade sale before it ends.
The seller will send me registration first, so I will have that soon.

Can I upgrade pro 10 to 11 without having the physical dongle yet?

Edit: ah I see elsewhere that I just have to BUY the upgrade before the sale ends.
I don’t have to activate it before sale ends :wink:


Exactly, this is the trick.

No, you cannot upgrade it. But you don’t have to, to get the discount, as mentioned. :wink:

I got the license key and activated it on my steinberg account.
So now I own it and it’s tied to the dongle, but I don’t have the dongle yet.
I hope it’s ok I did that before receiving it.

Edit: I deleted it from my account again. Figured it’s best to wait with that until I have the dongle (?)