Upgrade Cubase studio 4

I have Cubase Studio 4 and I want to upgrade. Can you tell me the best version to go to?
I looked at version 11 but before I buy I need to know if its possible to go from 4 to 11?
Or is there a different version I should go to?

You can upgrade to Cubase Pro 12 or Cubase Artist 12. The option to upgrade from your version should be at the bottom of the list. Cubase Artist is the one closest to the old Cubase Studio.

Your Cubase 12 upgrade will replace the old Cubase Studio license in your dongle with a Cubase 11 license, which will allow you to run past versions of Cubase if necessary.

Cubase 12 itself no longer needs the dongle. It uses a new licensing system that allows you to run Cubase 12 on up to 3 computers simultaneously.

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I’m curious, if they done the upgrade to Artist 12 from Studio 4 - Do you know what would be on their dongle once completed?

Would they have Cubase 11 Artist license to ensure backwards compatibility? Or would the existing Studio 4 license just turn into a “not for resale” license?


Yes, you would get Cubase Artist 11 in this case.

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I’ve upgraded from Cubase Studio 4 to Cubase Artist 12, but it’s stuck at “verify pending license”, and it says there are no valid upgrades available. I received an email stating I have 14 days to do this, and if not, Cubase Artist 12 will stop working. Help?!?

You need to connect your eLicenser dongle to your computer, to allow the activation process to verify that you do have a Cubase Studio license. This will upgrade the Cubase Studio 4 license in your dongle to Cubase Artist 11, and allow you to activate Cubase Artist 12 by using the Steinberg Activation Manager.

Once Cubase Artist 12 is activated, you don’t have to worry about the dongle anymore, unless you want to use previous a Cubase version or if you have other products that still require it.

If the dongle IS connected and you can see your Cubase Studio 4 license when you open the eLicenser Control Center, then you might have purchased the wrong upgrade.

As well as having your dongle plugged in, I’d run the Steinberg download manager (If not already) and it should automatically update your eLicenser software and the new Steinberg activation manager.

In my experience all those applications need to be up to date for the upgrade to go through smoothly.