Upgrade disappeared from account

Hi there.

I bought and upgrade for Cubase 10.5 pro to 11 in roughly November 2020 (I think there was a sale on at the time)

However I never got around to activating it due to life and health issues. I recently went to activate it and it is no longer accessible in my account. There is no license, download access code, or anything. My emails do not go back far enough for me to find the code either.

For some reason there is no purchase history in the Steinberg shop at all, so I can’t find it there either. (What is the point in making an account again?)

Could someone help?

Many thanks,

Are you certain you are using the same account as you did previously?

Yes, always used the same account.

FWIW Cubase 11 was released in November 2020, there was no sale on at that point. It WAS on sale summer '21 (that’s when I upgraded from 10.5 to 11).

If it were me I’d go back to my credit card statements to check exactly when it was I purchased the upgrade and then contact the seller with the exact date (AskNet in Europe but not sure where you are). Steinberg do not run the shops themselves. Good luck.

I meant 2021, my mistake. It would have been 7 months ago. :man_facepalming:

I have a transaction from asknet-shops for £151. I’m hoping thats enough to be proof of purchase.

Many thanks.

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