Upgrade Dorico Pro 4 to Pro 5

This is probably covered in an FAQ, in which case sorry! But also, please point me to the link!! And if not …

When upgrading from Dorico Pro 4 to Pro 5, does the new version automatically replace the old, or do you end up with both versions of Dorico? In which case, should one uninstall version 4 before or after installing version 5?

And a quickie, because I have not been able to find the info yet - is the licensing model and dongle-less method the same as for version 4?

Thanks in advance!

You end up with both versions installed. There’s no problem with this - Dorico 4 will still run fine after Dorico 5 has been installed. What you can’t do is run them both at the same time - this isn’t possible due to the way the audio engine works.

The licensing system is indeed the same as for version 4. Assuming you purchase some sort of upgrade from version 4 to version 5, your old version 4 licence will be converted to a version 5 licence. This will work with both applications as the licences are compatible, so you can run Dorico 4 (the app) using a Dorico 5 licence.

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Thank you! That’s everything I needed to know.