Upgrade Education Version

I’ve just found this offer https://new.steinberg.net/promotion/cubase-updates-upgrades/

Does anyone know if this will work for Cubase 4 Education Edition?

Yes it should work.

Thanks KHS ! I kinda wish that was a ‘will’ instead of a ‘should’, but I’ll risk it…

You can answer the question yourself, simply by reading what is written on that page…

Thanks svennilenni - I did read all the information on that page very carefully but found the footnote a little confusing, which is why I asked the question here. If the answer is clear to you perhaps you’d be kind enough to share it with me.

hi tribal…I also have a educational Cubase 5, and was interested in the update to Cubase 10.5 pro… I looked at the page and to me , it was not clear…I did however send a mail to Steinberg, asking for clarification . still waiting for their reply ( not holding my breath though )

As the page says: It is valid for all updates and upgrades. Since an update / upgrade from an educational version is no different from a regular update / upgrade, it is valid also for Cubase educational versions.

Educational versions and Cubase Artist updates are excluded from the „buy Artist, get Pro“ - deals, which is explicitely mentioned on the page. So if you intend to upgrade to Cubase Artist for 40% off, to get a free PRO version - that will not work.

@svennilenni - Thanks for the explanation. I think I’m getting it now.

@Theakston - I’ll still be very interested to know if you get any feedback from Steinberg, but I’m not holding my breath either !

@Theakston - I thought you might like to know that I updated my license no problem.

As for installing the new software and getting it working, that’s a different matter ! :wink:

hi tribal, that’s good to hear ( the license part ) as for the rest .no surprise there ! incidentally still not heard anything from steiney

hope all goes well mate


All there is to know is on their site anyway.

It actually said it excludes the Edu version, so you had to buy the retail version of artist to get the Pro upgrade free.

Which is what I had written before already.
The actual question however was not about the “Buy artist get Pro for free” Deal, but updating an existing Artist version to Pro with 40% discount, which - as I also wrote - included Artist versions.

I see
Did you try it and get it?

The offer is expired by now, so you will have to pay full price.